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Our story

In 2001 Dr Toby Mottram was asked by a major pharmaceutical company to develop a bolus to measure pH in the reticulum. He formed eCow Limited in 2007. Since then, dozens of research institutes around the world have relied on the boluses to evaluate their new nutritional products. 

Sam, our CEO, had been contracted by eCow to redevelop the eBolus data transmission system. As an engineer born and bred on a farm, he has seen the bigger potential of this technology in commercial dairy farming.

Sab, our CCO, has brought to market a very similar technology for the oil industry. He sized up the potential of the eBoluses and made a plan.

Sam & Sab decided to purchase the bolus IP and bring the technology from the farm to the field, in the hands of the farmers who would benefit most from it.

Dr Toby Mottram (left) and Sam Marsden (right) completing the IP transfer deal, March 2021.

Our team

Sam Marsden


Harris Shallcross

Hardware & systems Lead

Sab Caziuc


Tiago Jorge

Embedded systems lead

Ralph Annesley

Head of Manufacturing

Dr Toby Mottram

Advisor, inventor of the ebolus
years of development
cows monitored
lines of data

Why are we doing this?

We (Sam & Sab) are both building Wolfhound Analytics for the same reason: we are both driven by the will to create something larger than ourselves. Sam is an engineer with a farming background. This is his chance to marry the two worlds and help farmers like his parents improve their livelihoods.

Sab loved the business model and challenges in his previous role at EdgePetrol – a real-time fuel pricing software that improves the profitability of petrol stations around the world. He oftentimes struggled hard to think of a matching business model to build by himself. 

And this is literally it – building Wolfhound Analytics is all we’ve ever dreamed of. Combining IoT sensors, big data analytics and a largely underserved international market is the sweetest spot for our drives.

Lastly, both us us want to enjoy better 🥛 & 🧀 from happier and healthier cows.